Level 4  


Print exactly using quotation marks

Give a name to some text and print without quotation marks

Ask something with ask.

In level 3 ask and print have changed.

You must put text that you want to print between quotation marks.

This is useful, because now you can print all the words you want. Also the words you used to store something with is.

Most programming languages also use quotation marks when printing, so we are also getting a step closer to real programming!

Assignments are getting more and more difficult

You will find the commands on the left again, and assignments in the following tabs. The assignments are now getting more and more difficult in the successive tabs. So it is best to start on the left with the story, and work to the right, in order to be challenged more and more.

print 'Escape from the haunted house!' print 'There are 3 doors in front of you...' doors is 1,2,3 monsters is werewolf, mummy, vampire, zombie chosendoor is ask 'Which door do you choose?' print 'You chose door...' chosendoor correctdoor is doors at random if chosendoor is correctdoor print 'Great! You escaped!' else print 'Oh no! You are being eaten by a...' monsters at random

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