Level 2  


Give a word a name to use in the program using is. You can choose the name yourself.

Ask something with ask. Beware! You need to give the answer a name with is.

Give a number a name using is. You can choose the name yourself.

In level 2 we learn something new. You can name a word with is. You can use name anywhere in your code and it will be replaced by Hedy, like this:

print Hello name

Note: ask has changed, you also save the answer with a name, like this:

answer is ask What is your name?

Print still works as in level 1, and you no longer need echo.

print Escape from the haunted house! print There are 3 doors in front of you... choice is ask Which door do you choose? print You picked door ... choice monsters is a zombie, a vampire, NOTHING ESCAPED print You see... print monsters at random

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